Embedded electronic systems immensely touch our day to day life. It is intriguing, if we pause and reflect upon it. In fact, they are compact, complex, simple, helpful, so on and so forth.

Microcontrollers are the gateways that open up embedded systems. Atmel and Microchip are the two popular microcontrollers. Market is abuzz with the Programming Kits, Hobby Kits, Do It Yourself Kits, Integrated Development Environment and various compilers. There are various websites which introduce PIC Microcontrollers. Are you conscious of the impact that it can make in your life? Life would be more than blinking LED’s and integrating sensors. Life would be a sequence of never ending actions. The real devices, basically, monitors, measures, stores, displays and communicates information on real time basis.

We started using more features of the PIC Microcontroller families on account of our quest to work with powerful projects and build gadgets. With this website, we want you to access and experience this web of basic and complex projects. We do not claim to be experts or beginners, but we undergo ongoing processes of learning, building, prototyping, unlearning  and relearning. This website recommends a consistent approach towards designing simple to complex electronic systems. Thus, specifically with this website. you can access to the source code, design considerations, compiling tips for your computer and more than that you can download the hex file and simulate it in your own kit, electronic circuitry and on the online discussion board. Furthermore, this website offers a ‘Community Page’ targeting particularly those who have less access to the education of quality embedded systems, on account of lack of good training centers at a nearest destination, lack of financial resource to join a quality training center, or someone who aspires to learn on their disposal and so on. If you are an expert in the embedded systems, or atleast if you dream to be one, visit our ‘Community Page.’ You are heartily invited also to contribute to our projects.

Hey, we all make mistakes…but, we are not stubborn to disregard your feed backs and suggestions.

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